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Debbie Hennessey
Debbie Hennessey


Interview on Rainrock Radio with DJ Raine held December 4, 2015. We played 5 songs from the new cd No Longer Broken and discussed the making of the cd. Rainrock Radio and Live Music Media have been a long time supporter of my music all the way back to the Good As Gone cd when they featured the music video for the title song on their TV show out of Long Island, NY. They have continued to play my music over the years and were one of the first stations to start playing songs from the new cd No Longer Broken. I always enjoy talking with DJ Raine. Hope you enjoy the interview. Please be sure to visit Rainrock Radio's website and show them some love! They play lots of great indie musicians, along with interviews and videos. They will also be the first station outside of Youtube to feature the promo video for No Longer Broken.

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